Sunday, October 2, 2016

Election blahs

Going back and looking at my blog posts over the past eight years, it appears I was once more politically minded than I am today.

I would not say that is necessarily the case. Perhaps I just come at it from a different perspective now.

I wrote quite a bit about the presidential election in 2008 when Obama was running against McCain, and much less in 2012 when Mitt Romney challenged President Obama.

It has been even less this time.

I have written about the election a few times in my weekly column, and I think I posted one of those here.

Anyway, although I have an interest in the political process that dates back to my childhood, I am not nearly as vocal as I once was.

So with that said, I will say this:

Right now I plan to abstain from voting for either of the main party candidates for president. I thought at one time I might vote for Trump. I later thought I would vote for Hillary.

I simply can't bring myself to vote for either of them. Can't do it. Either vote would simply be a vote against the other candidate, but it's still casting a vote for that person I vote for, and I have a problem with that.

I am researching some of the outlying third-party candidates (particularly the Libertarian Party candidate) but right now I'm not planning to vote for any of them either. That could change as I learn more, but for now it is a no-go.

Wife says she feels like she has to vote, that it's a privilege we should never take for granted and that it's our duty.

I get that, and I agree with it in principle.

On the other hand, if Hillary is elected and appoints Supreme Court judges who make law rather than interpret it (which she will do), my conscience will be clear.

Or, in the unlikely event Donald Trump is our next president, when he goes off half-cocked and calls people names and is disrespectful to everyone who comes in his sight, and gets us in all kinds of trouble on the international front because he has no filter, I'll rest easy knowing I had nothing to do with that.

So that's the plan for now and I still don't plan to say much about it here.

That could change too if I get worked up over something.


Kelly said...

Sometimes the less said, the better.

As of now, I'll probably vote Libertarian. Depending on which sources you follow (and there are plenty from which to choose), that will either help Clinton get elected or help Trump get elected. Who knows anything anymore!

Then again, I might just abstain in the Presidential race. (but I tend to think along the same lines as your wife about exercising that privilege)

It feels like a lose/lose situation, but for better or worse... I do know I'll be glad when it's all over.

Bob said...

And who it helps (voting Libertarian) would largely depend on the state where you live, whether it leans more heavily GOP or Dem.

Ed said...

I used to write more about politics too but have largely given it up. Partly because it brought the worst out in people and partly because I always hoped that perhaps my words of wisdom would resonate with someone. Now I realize that 99.9% of the population are political isolated in their views and refuse to have a logical debate about candidates. It is always throwing mud to see what sticks.

I hate to abstain when there is a third party (i.e. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party) that has more things I agree with than any of the major party candidates I have voted for in the last 25 years. I can't see that he has any chance of winning but I hope if he got enough votes, perhaps the Republicans might look to incorporate some of the libertarian platform into their platform and I think that would be a great thing.

Linda said...

I am from, and live, in Montreal, Canada. I have seen all the TV commercials with both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I have zero respect for them. I cannot stand to see candidates spending money to attack one another (and even when they don't spend any money to do so). Here in Canada we have our issues, as well, but right now Justin Trudeau is looking pretty good to me as compared to the two clown candidates in the U.S. right now. Well, this is my opinion, and just from what I have seen and heard. Donald Trump seems to have no self control, especially when it comes to his mouth, and I am sad to say that he almost reminds me of Hitler, and nobody needs this type of a candidate to run a country. When I see these two go at it the way they have been, it is difficult for me to fathom that they are trying to represent a peaceful country. Sad. And by the way, Bob, I fully comprehend, and support, your decision to hold back on your vote.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I'm with your wife! It's the one thing I feel that we can/have to do to retain some kind of control of what happens to us. While I know that that sense of our vote mattering seems to be dwindling, there isn't really any other option? I still tell myself, rather optimistically (or maybe the wool pulled over my eyes), that my vote DOES count. I will be very glad when election "season" is over!

quid said...

Bob, I know you posted this prior to the cataclysmic crap that occurred later this week. I am with your wife. More than that, I made peace in my decision to vote for HRC not because I am particularly enamored of her (and had her on my enemies list in 2008). Instead I have harkened to the part that I can admire. Having looked at it all, I can truly say that she has been an advocate for making a better life for women and children all over the world for decades. As so I vote for that, representing those causes that I too, believe in.

I hope that both parties will examine their processes over the upcoming 4 years and make better choices in 2020. Or they will cease to exist. Q

Bob said...

Yes, Quid, this was written long before the latest. I remember your not being a fan of Hillary but I understand your thought process here. This is without a doubt the biggest cluster of a campaign and election I have ever seen.