Monday, May 30, 2016


Memorial Day weekend is typically thought of as the beginning of summer, especially in the South, where schools are out by now. This is true even though the official start of summer is not until June 21.

I have made no secret of the fact that summer is my least favorite season. The main reason is I can't stand hot weather. Also, I am reminded of more challenging times in my life that correspond with summer dates. It's silly to think that way, and I'm not big about remembering dates, but for some reason I'll have the occasional flashback. Again, that makes no sense.

So I make the best of it by dwelling on things I do enjoy about the season: fresh fruits and vegetables, occasional lake outings with friends, baseball and leisurely visits with Daughter and SIL, who are both teachers and have some extended time off.

And speaking of those two, they arrived at our house late yesterday afternoon, the first stop on a journey that will take them to Steamboat Springs, CO next weekend, where they will run in a half-marathon on Sunday. They will drive tomorrow to Little Rock and stay with Daughter's grandparents, and will arrive in CO on Thursday.

They will make it back here the following Thursday, June 9th, and on the 10th, Daughter and Wife will go the beach for a few days, while all three boys (Older Son, Younger Son and SIL) and I will go on our annual (if at all possible) baseball trip -- this year to Chicago (White Sox vs. Royals) and Milwaukee  (Brewers vs. Mets).

I also have a high school class reunion this summer, on July 4th weekend, and Wife and I have just planned a late August vacation to Glacier National Park in Montana, and the Canadian Rockies.

So while summer will never be my favorite season, if I can fill it with activities such as this and manage to stay cool as much as possible, I think I'll be OK.


Ed said...

I hate the official meteorological calendar. For me, spring is always March thru May, summer June thru August, fall September thru November and so on.

My children are two young for marriages but I hope that someday I can have a SIL with whom I can do things with. Sounds like you will have fun during summer whether you like summer or not!

Kelly said...

I love summer for a variety of reasons and I'd much rather be hot than cold. Weather aside, though, I welcome each season and am usually ready for what each brings.

It sounds like you have a great summer planned, filled with fun activities. I'm afraid my life is far more boring by comparison (and by choice).