Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter did come

If you read my last post, you might remember that I talked about the prediction of snow last week and the mad rush at the grocery store.

That little snow event amounted to very little. There was a dusting, and enough early morning freezing to cause the cancellation of school for the day.

That was on Wednesday. The temperatures rose above freezing later in the day and the minor accumulation quickly melted off.

As I stated at the end of my last installment, more was scheduled for Friday.

Ho-hum. It didn't amount to much Wednesday so I didn't give much thought to Friday. I got up and went to a 5 a.m. spin class and planned to head downtown for a meeting about 8.

When my class was over at 6, the snow was beginning. I went back home and stayed there, as did most folks. By sundown we had about 5 inches at our house and in parts of Nashville, there was as much as 9 or 10 inches.

It was a beautiful snow and I loved watching it fall and I loved watching it pile up in the yard. Since I am entrusted with Older Son's pickup truck with 4-wheel drive, I also loved driving around in it.

But I will tell you this: it is a very sad thing to have snow and no children at home. Wife and I went out for a walk and we were giddy enough about it all, and she was kind enough to let me throw a couple of snowballs at her.

But still . . . it wasn't quite the same. Saturday morning I stood at one of our front windows and watched as a couple of neighborhood dads pushed their little ones on sleds.

I might or might not have had a big old lump in my throat.

Here's a picture of the back deck as it came down Friday. It's about all melted now, but this was a grand snow.


Ed said...

With two kids who stay home when school is cancelled due to snow, the grass seems greener on your side of the fence Bob! But I'm guessing after they've flown the nest and I'm on your side of the fence, the grass will look a bit greener back on this side.

Kelly said...

When I can get past the "inconvenience" of a snow event (rare around here - the event, that is), I don' need any kids around to enjoy it. I'm pretty much an overgrown kid myself. ;) (and I'm smiling at the though of you throwing snowballs at your wife!)