Sunday, March 29, 2015

For the birds (theoretically)

This is a sad picture. It's an empty birdfeeder.

It's empty because the squirrels in my yard take it over, to the detriment of the birds.

I thought I had the problem solved by hanging the feeder on a partial limb, hanging it (I thought) far enough down where squirrels would not be able to get to it.

But, alas, just a couple of days ago, after filling it up with fresh seed, I looked outside and there was a squirrel on top of the thing, literally tipping it over and pouring seed onto the ground where his fellow squirrels feasted below.

During the time I have had this birdfeeder I have fed deer (when I hung it on a hook too close to the ground) and squirrels, and on the rare occasion, birds.

I used to have nothing against squirrels but I now see them as obnoxious yard rodents that interrupt the otherwise tranquil life of wild animals in my yard.

Apparently the only option I now have is to get a feeder that is free-standing and doesn't hang in a tree, or try to find one of those that hangs from a tree limb but has a spinner concoction that sends a squirrels into circles of dizziness while allowing birds to feast peacefully.

I'm too stressed by if for now, but I'll be back. Can't let squirrels defeat me or the birds.


Kelly said...

FYI, all my feeders are on free-standing poles...and all have been ravaged by squirrels (nasty creatures!!) at one time or another. I'm not trying to depress you more, but just being honest. We've tried greasing the poles and encasing them in a bit of PVC (not sure why that would keep them off, but was suggested). I don't think you'll like either of my other solutions to the problem. One: get a dog that will chase them. We have several dogs that "tree" and when I see a squirrel under my feeder, I slip out my carport door and tell them to "get the squirrel!", at which they tear around the house and occasionally succeed in their effort. Regardless, it's scares off the offending rodents. Two: get a BB gun. I think they are legal in most suburban areas. It's doubtful you would seriously hurt the squirrel with it (just don't pump it up too much), but it might provide some good negative reinforcement. We keep one by the back door.

Kelly said...

Another thing...if you go with a freestanding pole, you might want to stick with black-oil sunflower seed rather than a wild bird mix. The latter would germinate and grow plants under my feeders, undermining the stability of my poles. And I can't say for sure, but I don't think the squirrels like the sunflower seeds as much as the wild bird mix, though the birds seems just as happy.

Debby said...