Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow days bring back memories

This is for the "The More Things Change" category.

When my kids were in school, they loved snow days, the days school would be canceled because of ice and/or snow, or the prediction of same.

When it was predicted, they spent untold time looking with their faces pressed to the glass of the windows, wondering if the stuff would ever fall. Sometimes their wishes came true and sometimes they didn't.

Daughter was probably the most active as she anticipated snow days, looking out the window and listening to the weather reports. She would often ask me if I thought school would be canceled, to which I would respond that I was not an employee of the school district and not entrusted with that decision.

Or I would tell her no, I didn't think school would be called off and she should prepare herself assuming that school would go on as usual.

Both of these answers infuriated her, as if I wanted to dash her hopes.

Now Daughter, age 25, is a kindergarten teacher who lives here with Wife and me, and things are not that much different. Snow and ice were predicted for today and last night she was greatly anticipating her first snow day as a public school teacher.

She asked my opinion, which was the same as it was when she was a student.

On cue, she became miffed. Her dad's still the kill-joy.

But she got the fateful call at 5 a.m. Snow and ice, just enough to wreak havoc on the roads, and no school.

And our resident teacher got to sleep in. Despite what she might believe, I was happy for her.


Kelly said...

I'm glad (as a teacher) she got notice early enough that she was able to go back to sleep and enjoy her morning off.

Kelly said...

...and I guess the parenthetical portion of my comment isn't clear. It means HER as a teacher, not me!