Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back home

We are back from our trip to England and France. I had hoped to have posted an update, as well as photos, by now. Alas, my home laptop seems to have finally breathed its last so it's not going to happen just yet.

We had an incredible time. Wife and Daughter were wonderful travel companions and the time we spent together was something I'll always cherish.

There are so many highlights I can't even begin to recount them all, especially on this blasted iPhone. London and Paris, although massive cities, were magical places. And the "vacation from our vacation " in the Cotswolds was a beautiful excursion that at times left me speechless.

So stay tuned. Hopefully there's more to come.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Well, I've been (patiently?) waiting since I knew you returned on the 14th. Thank you for explaining the delay.

So glad it was a wonderful trip!