Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer temperatures

The weather here is typical of summer in this type of the country -- hot and humid. During the 10 p.m. newscast last night I heard the local weather lady say the air is so thick "you can move it around."

The Labor Day weekend forecast is for highs in the mid to high 90s with a chance of scattered thunderstorms. Again, that's typical. 

I detest hot weather and usually by this time of year I'm just holding on to the fact that fall, along with relief, is in sight.

But let me tell you something: we can hardly complain this year. It has been the mildest summer I can remember in my 16 years of living here. Except for a couple of glorious summers in Colorado, every summer prior to that was spent in Arkansas and it was always muggy there in the summers. So I am well acquainted with this type of weather.

But it was downright pleasant here for almost all of June and we had spots of it all through July and August -- days where temperatures would top out in the mid 80s or even lower, and some nights where they would dip down near 60.

But a couple of days ago the steamer came on, as if summer is telling us, "Not so fast. I'm not going anywhere yet."

Strangely,also as of a couple of days ago, the hummingbirds seem to have left us. If you read my last post, you saw a picture of one our frequent visitors outside the kitchen window. They have been sucking that feeder dry and Wife has been filling it up about once a week. 

This morning she took it down, gave it a good washing and filled it with fresh "juice" to see if maybe they'll come back.

I'm wondering if perhaps they also enjoyed the cooler summer we have experienced and decided to pack up and move on when this heat wave hit.


Kelly said...

Even here in south Arkansas it's been a cooler summer than normal. I don't think we've "officially" reached triple digits a single time and that's unusual!

I hope your hummingbirds aren't gone for the season.

Andrew said...

I wish we could get months of Fall. Here in SLC, it will stay hot till October, and then we usually move to cold really quick.

Steve H. said...

It's hot and humid here in Hong Kong Bob. The weather should break though in the next month and then we have nice weather, mostly, for about 5 months. Looking forward to it...and my electric bill being lower when I can shut the air con units off

Debby said...

We have had a dramatic cooldown as well, going from very hot and humid 80s to the 60s. It will drop to the 50s tonight. By Thursday, it will be in the 40s. I saw a flock of what I think were grackles, a hundred of them, surely. I think they might be headed your way.

Pencil Writer said...

Hi, Bob! Weather has been weird everywhere, I think! Here in Utah it's been VERY wet--unusually so. But LOVELY! Green even, which at this point in the summers, it's usually been brown and crunchy. Loving our new place and the incredible skyscapes we're privileged to witness daily! Hope you and family are all doing well!