Monday, July 1, 2013

Unexpected gifts

Wife and I received an unexpected blessing last weekend.

On Friday night we were invited to an impromptu "summer solstice" party. As an early onset curmedgeon, it was my obligation to hem and haw a bit about going but I had no legitimate excuse so Wife said of course we would love to come.

Daughter left to go to DSO's for the weekend. Wife and I went to eat an early dinner -- barbecue at a new place in town. We went allowing for a wait, but there was none, so we had finished eating and still had 45 minutes or so before the party.

We sat and talked about upcoming events and, as we often do, talked about various goings-on with the family.

As we were getting in the car I shared with Wife how much I was missing our "young'uns" in Dallas (Older Son, DIL and now Younger Son) and I wished we had just bitten the bullet and gone there to see them that weekend. Although we will all be together over the Fourth of July, I told her, it would have been a good weekend to go see them.

We got to the party and while Wife was mingling with some of the ladies, she called me over.

"Want to go to Dallas tomorrow?" she asked.

I looked at her incredulously, almost mildly irritated because I couldn't imagine what she meant.

I'll make it short. We have some friends, a married couple, the husband of whom has built a very successful business. He speaks around the country. He is also extremely kind and generous.

They were at this party and his wife told (my) Wife he would be leaving the next morning on his plane for Dallas for a speaking engagement there. "You should go with him!" she told Wife.

He had extra seats on his plane and thought it was a great idea for us to hitch a ride.   I sent a text message to Older Son "asking" if we could come. He said, "Come on!"  (Truth be told, I didn't exactly ask . . . )

We went. We were there 24 hours. We had a great time. Loved seeing them all.

Sometimes the best gifts come when we least expect them.


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How fun!!

Hal Johnson said...

What a gift. Some of the best times in life just fall in your lap.