Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recent Shots

I'm sitting here with Daughter and she has graciously agreed to help me post some photos from Christmas and our recent Mexican vacation.

Hope you enjoy . . .

"Christmas Eve Eve" before church.

Daughter and DSO at Monell's Victorian Christmas. 
Wife's beautiful French Christmas Eve table (above and below). 

Carrying out the French theme.
Younger Son and Daughter relaxing at the pool.
Waiting to go to dinner with Older Son and DIL.
Hola from Mexico!
With my Sweetie at the beach.
Older Son and DIL thanking Wife for a wonderful trip.
Don't you think she looks like me?
My pride and joy.

After our fishing trip. I'm feeling better!
Younger Son's big catch!
Mi Familia Bonita!


Andrew said...


Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, Bob!!!

Debby said...

Well, now, poop. I was going to say "Tu tienes una familia muy bonita, y comprendo porque sabes son el orgullo y la alegria de tu vida." You beat me to the punch with your very last line!

Steve H. said...

Wow, with the pictures I feel like I really got to see you...

Bob Barbanes: said...

Great shots! You have quite a lot to be happy about, thankful for, and proud of!

(Love the French-themed Christmas!)