Friday, October 5, 2012

At the intersection . . .

Well it's been a while.

Fall is definitely our busy season and October is that month where two of our favorite pastimes intersect -- college football and post-season Major League baseball.

Unfortunately things are a bit dismal this year for our teams. Auburn is 1-3.  The Atlanta Braves lost their "play-in" wild card game tonight and the Texas Rangers are on the verge of doing the same as I write this (I'll update if anything changes).

For some reason the MLB powers that be decided the top two non-divisional winners would have a one-game playoff for the wild card spot.  That sounded like a good idea until these two teams blew it and lost to the Cardinals and Orioles, respectively.

A rare infield fly ruling figured heavily in the Braves game and I'm none too happy about that. But that's baseball and that's post-season play.

In the AL, I'll be pulling for blogger friend Steve's Detroit Tigers, although I have a bit of a soft spot for the Orioles after a 15-year absence from post-season play. In the NL, well, just not too excited about any of them. 


I watched the presidential debate this week and found it surprisingly interesting. It was definitely Mitt Romney's night as he took command of things from the very start. This was the universal consensus among almost all the pundits.

I thought it was a good debate overall. There was a good discussion of the issues and the candidates and their families had civil exchanges with each other. I understand it's all for TV but I like that anyway.

Veteran PBS anchor Jim Lehrer moderated the debate and I thought he did a good job. He got a lot of criticism but I don't get it. I thought he handled both candidates well, especially when they went over their alloted times. He was respectful and gracious to both and I don't quite understand what else he was supposed to do? 


Wife and I went to Dallas to see Older Son and DIL last week. We were gone almost a week. Wife was able to incorporate a HR seminar with our visit there and I was long overdue a few days off. Enjoyed every minute with Older Son and DIL.

We drove, as we were taking them a piece of furniture and other odds and ends. We made overnight stops in Little Rock both ways.

We rented a mini-van, the vehicle from which we graduated years ago as our little birdies began to leave the nest. These vans have progressed a great deal from the time we owned one, with "stow and go" seats that are a lot easier to handle than the ones that weighed a ton if they weighed a pound. I remember sweating buckets when I would remove them when needing to haul big items.



Steve H. said...

Bob, Thanks for pulling for the Tigers, we may need all the help we can get.

And yes, I don't understand the criticism of Jim Lehrer during the debates. I think the opposing sides get so polorized they are convinced that he is unfairly biased toward "their guy"

Andrew said...

I am definitely getting those stow and go's the next time around....