Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here at my place, Wife and I still laugh when people ask if we are "empty nesters"  Maybe one day. For now, Daughter is still right here with us and Younger Son is in for the summer, home from his first year of college. We are happy to have these "little ones" right here under our roof. Between the two of them and various friends who are often here with them, there is plenty going on around here.

And Ralph the Dog, he who was given a few weeks to live three months ago?  He's sleeping at my feet even as I type and I don't believe he's going anywhere anytime soon. He's a little slow going up and down stairs and he sleeps a lot, but he's as alive as ever.

We had a delightful -- yet all too fast -- weekend last week with Older Son and DIL, who met us us in Little Rock, a good approximately-half-way-point between here and Dallas and, of course, our former home and still home of numerous friends and Wife's parents.


Our only all-family get-together this summer will be in mid-July when we all meet in Kansas City for a long weekend. We will attend two KC Royals baseball games, marking off another MLB park visited.

Haven't heard from blogger friend Michael ("Megaloi") in a while, but if you're out there, Michael, would love some info on what else we might do in KC.  Will be my first trip there.


We are getting ready for a neighborhood garage sale. Wife, Daughter and I spent a good part of yesterday pulling stuff together.  Wife asked where I would like to set up the "staging area," suggesting that we pull a car out of the garage.

We have, fortunately, always been able to park our cars in our garage since moving into this house 11 years ago, rather than storing so much stuff there that there's no room for a car or cars. With past houses we were not always that way.  Now don't get me wrong, we have plenty of other stuff in there besides cars but we have always been able to keep our cars there.

So at first I resisted, saying I didn't want to have to pull a car out for a week. That lasted maybe 15 minutes.

Much of what Daughter is putting in the sale is stuff she hasn't seen since she moved back home from college a year ago.  It's a lot of stuff and I am thrilled beyond words that she's willing to get rid of  some of it. So I can live with a crowded garage for the next week.

Once it's over, and I'm putting this in writing so everyone can see it and hold me accountable, nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes back in this house.  It goes to Goodwill or it gets thrown away.


We have had a beautiful weekend.  After a Memorial Day weekend that had near-record highs, this one has been gorgeous, barely climbing into the 70s.  It was very pleasant working in the garage yesterday and last night Wife and I went out to our local minor league ballpark and saw the Nashville Sounds play.

We weren't the only ones with that idea.  With a post-game fireworks show and the pleasant temperatures, it was an attractive draw for many Middle Tennesseans last night. The game was in the bottom of the third inning by the time we got off the interstate, parked, got our tickets and arrived at our seats.

It was a very pleasant night, though, and a good way to take advantage of the nice weather.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear Ralph is hanging in there. I guess no one told him he only had a few weeks. ;)

Michael said...

Hi Bob! I am still around and thinking as much as ever, just am not putting it into words on the blog.

I'm still a newbie to KC and your two Royals games will put you two ahead of me. :) The things we've enjoyed most so far are activities for younger kids (Science City, LegoLand, Louisburg Apple Orchard) but you'll probably want to visit the Plaza area, which was totally revitalized several years ago. You can see many fountains, walk the nice shops, and take a carriage ride if it's not too hot.

Or you could just come to our house one evening! :) We're about 25 minutes Southwest of KC in Olathe.

I'll think and ask around some for other fun things to do. Later!