Thursday, December 30, 2010

A good week; a good year

It has been a really good holiday season. I have managed for the past several years to take off work the week between Christmas and New Year's and I love it. It's just a great time to relax, unwind a bit and spend some time with the family while closing out the year.

I made a list last Sunday night of what I wanted and needed to do this week, with a good balance of worthwhile activities (sweeping the garage, cleaning out the closet, etc.) and fun. I have just about marked everything off.

This Christmas we learned how to "share" since Older Son and FDIL split their time between the two families. Wife and I had vowed some time ago that, when the time came, we would be agreeable and flexible around holidays. It all went very smoothly. The engaged couple spent a good part of Christmas Eve during the day and evening with FDIL's family, then joined us for our Greek Christmas Eve dinner which we did a little late, then church at 11 p.m. It was a beautiful service as usual, made only better by walking out into the beautiful snow at midnight.

Christmas morning I did the usual mid-morning breakfast for the four of us. Older Son and FDIL, after spending Christmas morning with her family, joined us for the afternoon and we did our gift-opening. We had a late afternoon dinner, then all went to see "The King's Speech," a movie I HIGHLY recommend.

Other highlights of this past week have included going to a cool downtown spot that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and joining Daughter last night for a great concert presented by the Zac Brown Band. We gave her the tickets for Christmas and she invited me to go with her!

We also had a family game night a couple of nights ago, playing spirited rounds of "Scattergories" and "Phase Ten." I am pleased to report that Older Son, who is super competitive and has an annoying habit of almost always winning, has met his match with FDIL who will not put up with his nonsense.

Spent most of today taking down the Christmas tree and putting away everything. Although I love it, by this time it is beginning to look a little tired and I'm glad when everything is back to normal and looking fresh again.

Only real negative has been a nagging sinus infection that I've been dealing with for nearly two weeks. I broke down and went to the doctor Tuesday and got on an antibiotic. Happily, I'm doing much better.

Wife and I have no New Year's Eve plans. Our offspring will all be otherwise occupied and looks like most of our friends are out of town or have plans that do not include us. Fortunately for us, we can still amuse each other.

Looking toward 2011, we can only fasten our seat belts. We are at just under the six-month mark for the June 18 wedding. We'll have graduations in May, then moving Daughter home and getting Younger Son ready for college. Wife and I have also agreed to chaperone his Senior trip -- a Caribbean cruise in March.

It will be a challenging year at work, as it has been in the banking world for some time now. After enjoying this week off, I will hopefully be mentally ready to deal with all the new banking regulation I'm going to have to try and understand in the months ahead.

Yes, it's been a good week and overall it's been a good year. I am blessed -- far more than I deserve.

A Happy New Year to all of you and enjoy the rest of the holidays. Thanks for stopping by from time to time. Here are some glimpses of the holidays at our place:


Kelly said...

I'm glad to hear y'all like games, too! In addition to our Holiday Bingo, we played Pictionary and Masterpiece (Art Auction) on Christmas Eve. Also glad to hear you're flexible on where the new couple spends their holidays. That can be such a stressful thing in a new marriage.

I loved all the photos and was really struck for the first time just how much you look like your dad (to me, at least)!

Wishing your family a very happy new year!

Steve H. said...


As I read this I think how much I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

Happy 2011!

Redlefty said...

Great update -- wonderful combo of words and pictures!

The banking stuff is really crushing me too... very possible I'm leaving this industry in the near future.

Bob said...

Kelly you're exactly right. I look in the mirror and see my dad staring right back at me!

Bob Barbanes said...

"...Stopping by from time to time??" Gee man, I check this blog EVERY DAY for updates. I love reading your little seeing the pictures of your always-smiling (and thus, always happy?) hearing about what you guys have been up to. Yes, you are blessed, as you well know. And I hope you and your (expanding) family have a wonderful and productive and happy New Year!

Like Steve H. said, I too look forward to meeting you soon.

Cruise to the Caribbean, eh? If you can't make it, I'd happily chaperone the kids! ;)

Debby said...

I enjoy those glimpses of what your idyllic life. You are well and truly blessed, all of you. Happy New Year to all of us.

quid said...

What a great post to end the year!
Our young couples have to juggle to keep all families happy. All we can do is put ourselves in their place.


Pencil Writer said...

I'll tag along with everyone else and sincerely mention how much I love your blog posts. Great pictures, great comments! Your family seems like such a happy one, which means, to me anyway, that you're all well grounded and happy with life and each other. What could be better?!! And Scattergories! Oh how we had fun for so many years with my in-laws large family gatherings on Christmas. Scattergories was a staple of our gatherings. So many of those who we delighted to play the game with are no longer residing on this side of "the veil". We miss them very much--particularly at Christmastime, but love the wonderful memories! Best of everything to you and your lovely family for this new year--and beyond!