Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost Spring

Another weekend has arrived. It's cool and rainy but, of course, nothing like the bitter cold we have had so I am not complaining. Spring is in the air, for sure.

Younger Son is playing in a rugby tournament so I'll make my way to that here in a little while. I hope, this afternoon, to catch some SEC basketball. The tourney is here in Nashville. I am not going -- tickets were way too expensive -- but will take in at least part of the semi-finals today on TV. I'm not the biggest of basketball fans but I do take an interest at tournament time in March.

Wife is leaving today for a little spring break jaunt with Daughter and Older Son's girlfriend. I am envisioning all of these projects I will do while she is gone and in my mind I am probably being a little overly ambitious. I can piddle around with the best of them and get very little done to show for it!

On the rare occasion my mother would be absent when I was growing up, she would leave detailed instructions for how to prepare food (which she had prepared in advance and only had to be warmed up). Happily, I am not nearly as helpless as my poor dad was and, although I am not a chef by any means, I can get by. Wife is an extraordinary cook and she offered to get some things ready in advance, but she also works and I would not have thought of asking her to do that while trying to get ready to be gone for a week.

Younger Son's spring break is still a few weeks away so he and I will be holding down the fort around here. He is usually fairly low maintenance and hangs out with friends a lot, so I'll have some time on my hands. Got all those projects to keep me busy, you know.

If the weather is good enough, I'll probably throw some things on the grill today or tomorrow that can get Younger Son and me through the next few days. If you have any simple recipes, send them my way!


quid said...

Sorry about Auburn, Bob.

If you decide to break free from the grill, here's a good recipe for sports-watching:

Pepperoni Bread

Take 1 loaf frozen bread and let rise 3-4 hours.

Stretch out like pizza dough.

Sprinkle with garlic salt, salt, oregano, parmesan cheese.

Layer on think slices of pepperoni, cover completely.

Sprinkle a little olive oil over the top.

Roll like jelly roll, rub the outside with a little olive oil.

Place seam side down on a greased cooky sheet.

Bake 350 35-45 minutes, or until brown.


Kelly said...

Oh, my....Quid's pepperoni bread sounds delicious!!

Any of the recipes posted on my blog are easy. It's the only way I cook!!

Where were the women going for their trip? My younger daughter and friends always pick places off the beaten track. This years it's Roswell NM. Aliens.

Bob said...

Yes, Kelly, you have posted lots of good recipes so I can go over to your blog and find them. One of your grilled chicken recipes and another for pork tenderloin are similar to ones we use.

The girls got one of those last-minute deals on a Caribbean cruise, not my cup of tea at all (I would much rather go to New Mexico!) so I was glad to give them my blessing. They're driving to Tampa to board.

Quid, the pepperoni bread sounds heavenly! Thanks! Our neighbor brings us some every year at Christmas and we devour it. My boys would be so impressed if I made it! I'll let you know . . .

Pam said...

Yep, that bread does sound yummy Quid!!

I've got Spring fever, too. First day of Spring break, and, while I should have been taking it easy trying to get over this nasty case of pneumonia once and for all, I was doing stuff inside and then outside, getting ready to go buy a few plants to put in my container garden tomorrow.

Also spent time bonding with the new pup as he and the other 2 dogs played all over the back yard.

I will rest tonight, plant tomorrow. :)

I'm just glad to have 9 days of break to rest, bond with said pup and get some things done around here!

Enjoy your spring fever!

Redlefty said...

I've been making bison burgers lately, with lots of steak seasoning and some barbeque sauce (KC-style) in the mix. The kids love them!