Saturday, August 1, 2009


Not to worry! Here's an update on Cash for Clunkers from this morning's paper:

"The wildly popular "Cash for Clunkers" program chugged full steam ahead into the weekend as the U.S. House approved an additional $2 billion for the government-run auto trade-in program on Friday, which a day earlier had almost run out of funds."

You see, all we had to do was let them know!

"Not enough money? Oh my goodness, how did that happen? Here, let's just print a couple more billion. You let us know if you need anymore, OK? "

Just leave it to your friendly Federal Government, folks. They've got your back.


Kelly said...

We actually participated in the program. Considering the "blue book" value on the truck we turned in (which still ran quite well despite being 20 years old and having probably 250,000 miles on it) was so low we would have been crazy NOT to have taken advantage of it!

My husband anticipated an overwhelming response, so we were ready the day the program went into effect.

Bob said...

Good for you! I might not agree with the logic behind the program, but hey, if it's there take advantage of it. I've encouraged my son to consider looking into it for his Chevy Silverado!

Steve H. said...

My folks...Die hard Republicans...are doing this thing. They are getting a brand new car anfd I think it was the first time I ever heard them say a positive thing about Obama...and probably the last time :)