Friday, January 16, 2009


Baby it's cold outside!

Debby writes on her blog this morning that it's 6 degrees in Pennsylvania! Well my heart just bleeds for ya, because it's 7 here in Middle Tennessee and us southern wusses aren't used to this kind of thing! Ralph the Dog and I stepped out for our walk about 6 a.m. and I can tell you he got his affairs taken care of in short order and we were back inside rapidly!

It's so cold they closed school! Yes, that is not a misprint. Now that's a little much but all the schools in our area are shut for the day. Guess there was concern about the little ones who stand out waiting for the bus. There are several "snow days" built into the calendar but "cold days?!" Like I said, we're pretty much pansies down here when it comes to this kind of cold.

Younger Son is enjoying the beginning of a 4-day weekend since Monday's the MLK holiday. This is one of my telecommuting days so I don't have to get out much. Actually, we're due a heat wave by 5 p.m. when it's supposed to climb up to about 19.


Debby said...

That's negative 6 degrees, bubba. That kind of cold will freeze the hairs in your nostrils stark stiff on the way to the mailbox!

Kelly said...

Hey, 6, -6, 19 (which is what is was here in south Arkansas this morning).... it's ALL cold to me! I'm a warm weather person at heart.

Pam said...

Makes my 33 high today sound like a heat wave!!

The school districts are, apparently, making all the schools keep the buildings at some ungodly uniform temp. We, teachers and kids alike, froze our boodies off all day!!

And, I love cold weather. Just not to the point where I can't escape and get warm all day! We all went through the day with our winter coats on! It was almost funny!

Our real heat wave starts tomorrow when we race back into the 60s.

I'll miss the cold. I'd like it best served with snow. *sigh*

quid said...

32 in Florida. That's cold in these here parts. Yesterday, I had to wear socks. Imagine.

But, I will contribute this from my family... my bro called from Minnesota this week, where it was -25 with -43 windchill.

He has moved up his trip to Florida from April to March. Go figure.

Pencil Writer said...

First time visit. Got here via "Life's Funny Like That." Thank you for your comments on Pres. Bush. and Thank YOU again.

Oh, hope this cold winter snap--in light of all the global warming issues we have to deal with . . . Hope you guys (and my daughter/family in MO) catch a heat wave there too! Louisiana is cold enough when it gets down in the 20's. My Utah roots don't seem to be helping me deal with this humid cold factor!

Bob said...

Hey thanks Pencil Writer. Glad you stopped by.

A lot of the Obama supporters are telling me I should be "optimistic" and "supportive."

I'm trying. It's hard.