Monday, September 29, 2008

Resign, Madam Speaker

OK, I retract anything I might have said about staying away from politics.

The House today rejected the proposed bailout plan. Although I had misgivings about it, I had decided I was in favor of betting this extraordinary amount of money on the government being able to acquire these failed assets, stabilize the economy and ultimately recover the investment. But a large number of American people felt differently and made those feelings known to their congressional representatives. Those representatives, many of whom are up for re-election in about a month, heard those voices and voted down the bailout.

I am disappointed that the legislation did not pass. I believe both sides worked to get to a plan that would begin to fix some of the problems that are severely hurting our financial system.

My disappointment, however, is far surpassed by the anger I feel at one Nancy Pelosi, our esteemed Speaker of the House. Just before the vote in the House, Madam Speaker took it upon herself to remind her colleagues one more time just what, IN HER OPINION, got us to where we are today -- the failed policies of the Bush administration.

She might be right. I am not writing today to defend President Bush. But when it was time to vote on the proposal, it was time for her to put aside her own personal agenda (although I truly believe she is incapable of doing so) and simply call for a vote.

But no, Speaker Pelosi could not resist the temptation to make it personal one more time and kick the guy who, when she presided for the first time as Speaker at a State of the Union speech, graciously recognized her and her accomplishment at becoming first female Speaker.

There are those who say her statements today actually caused some Republicans to change their votes. I doubt that is true but that is not the point. The fact is that the timing of her statements was inexcusable and indefensable and her statements have nothing to do with anything but her own partisan political leanings.

I can only conclude that Nancy Pelosi has an agenda far more important to her than passing legislation to heal the economy and help the American people, and that is to make sure that a Republican no longer resides in the White House come January.

That's disgraceful. Please, Madam Speaker, do us all a favor. Resign as House Speaker and go ahead and start posturing for a cabinet position in the Obama administration.


Kelly said...

Amen!!! I'm in total agreement,

Pam said...

While I agree on Nancy Pelosi, I also think the entire House should be tossed out.

Actually, a clean sweep of Washington, period, isn't a bad idea.

I'm seriously thinking of voting for a 3rd party candidate. Not that it will matter much here in TX, which is solidly red.

I just don't think I can, at this point, stomach voting for either of these 2 parties.

Redlefty said...

And as expected, McCain has now come out and given a speech in which he blames the whole bailout's collapse on Obama. The he accuses Obama of playing politics.

Sheesh... these people are shameless. On both sides.

I'm with Pam as a Texas and would love a third choice. How about the guy who predicted this whole economic crash over and over throughout the primaries (Ron Paul)? Ha!

Seriously, I'd like McCain and Obama to agree that no matter who wins, their first act as President will be to put Warren Buffet, Mitt Romney, Ross Perot and Michael Bloomburg in a room, lock the door, and get to work on some economic changes of substance.

Kelly said...

Actually, I'd like to see Warren Buffet working on the problem sooner than the election.

I also agree with the clean sweep idea. Let's hear it for term limits!

Bob said...

I like Michael's last suggestion.

Pam said...

Me too with Michael! Get those guys in a room and let them get things shakin' in the economy.

Nobody could do it if these guys can't!

quid said...

I think Nancy's a jerk...what a fiscal mess we're in.

A copy of my comment from my blog regarding our friendly dissension
over SP:

I hope you're wrong about the future, Bob. No matter which party wins, I'm an optimist. Things haven't been this rotten in the US for a long, long time. I really believe that things will get better.

I do disagree on the future of Sarah Palin. This is not about her being a woman. This is not about the media. This is about a woman with as much moral fiber as Dick Cheney.

When they lose in November, she will go back to Alaska and suffer the consequences of the ethics exam, whatever they are. The state of Alaska is going to be over Sarah Palin. Although she'll write the book and have a solid future in lobbying, or somesuch, her political future looks like Dan Quayle's to me.

The two of us will probably compare notes and laugh about this some years in the future.